Plenty Of (USED & Some Brand New) Fish Tank, Aquarium Test Kits, Beneficial Bacteria, Anti Chlorine, Acid Buffer, Activated Carbon, Active Peats, Accessories From As Low As 2 Dollars


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Letting go cheap as never use these items already. Price varies but will let go cheap. All items sold except the following items are available... Accessories: Brand new tank temperature gauge - 7 bucks (need to pre-order as current batch sold out) Brand new ADA carbon filter - 2 bucks (reserved) Brand new Sera super carbon filter - 6 bucks Seachem Acid Buffer 90% full - 6 bucks Ph test kits - 70% full - 2 sets of test kits for 5 bucks Original price tags is still on box. Feel free to msg me and I can take pictures to show you. Thanks for viewing.

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