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this seller is a scammer and is guilty of fraud !! so she listed and said she was selling concert tickets (music bank tickets) and seem sincere when trying to secure the deal with me. altho it was kinda overprice, but that was fine with me. after getting me to transfer $600 to her, she say she will send me the tickets at night. however, she went MIA and even blocked me. $600 is alot alot to me 😭😭 i worked very earn to earn that sum of money and now i got cheated of it. pls do me a favour guys and report her for me !! i would greatly appreciate your help !! 💗 i wasnt the only she scam too, she cheated others of $300 and another of $1k ++ !! evil ppl nvr gets away how can someone be so mean and evil to cheat others of their money!!! all we wanted is just to get the tickets to see our idols 😩