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Lauded by all in-the-know, this cold-pressed facial rejuvenator captures the African marula oil its purest form for powerful, skin-restorative results. Envelop your skin in pure, untouched luxury with this indulgent facial oil. Extracted straight from the pip of the African marula fruit, this elixir is cold-pressed and bottled, as pure and simple as that. Deeply nourishing but highly absorbent, this wonder oil possesses potent antioxidant and omega properties to combats environmental damage and neutralise free radicals. Redness and blotchiness are soothed, fine lines and wrinkles smoothed and elasticity boosted. Free of chemicals, fragrance and bleaching to promote longevity and ensure the oil holds onto its sought-after properties.

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Jurong East Singapore, Singapore

Self collection at Jurong East

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Postage on buyer, $2normal mail, $4.5registered mail