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Please take note this is an PRE-ORDER. Brand New GK64 customisable mechanical keyboard! More pictures here! - Case options you can choose from - Keycap options - It is 60%, similar to poker, HHKB, ducky mini, GH60 and many other mini size keyboards Key features. 1. Fully programmable (All keys can be mapped) 2. Full RGB with a dedicated software for programming and RGB lighting. ( Each individual key's lighting can be programmed similar to Razer Chroma series and many others) 3. On board memory. You can store the settings and use anywhere! 4. Aluminium anodized CNC Case( ~1KG! Solid!) 5. PBT Dyesubbed keycaps 6. USB type C port 7. Hot-swap for switches (Similar to Holtites). (Allows you to change switches without soldering) 8. Dedicated arrow keys with split RSHIFT [LSHIFT is 2U, size is more unique] 9. Music lighting mode (Backlighting changes with music) For Mac users, there is no need to have a DIP switch to change every time. Simply store a layer of preferred Mac key layouts on the different layer! Toggle using FN + layer! This is the original thread that is started on reddit. I am doing a round 2 for this and I am selling it on Carousell as well. Do check out the discussion on the thread to find out more. Paypal is a more secure way of payment. However Paypal fees will apply. Top up $25 for keycaps Top up $20 for 64 Cherry MX Blue Switch ($25 for Brown/Red) Top up $15 for 64 Gateron Blue/Red/Brown/Green/Yellow/Clear Top up $18 for 64 Kailh Speed Gold/Silver/Bronze/Copper Gateron switches available as well! I also can help you to get additional Gateron switches at a discounted rate! G - Red/Blue/Brown: 20cents each [Min 50] G - Green/Yellow/Clear: 30cents each [Min 50] I will only order addition switch with purchase of keyboard. Price is FIXED. I have already paid for the keyboard in China. Waiting to ship with the switch option you choose. Over 50 sets sold internationally (Can be found on Reddit) Will take 7 workings days for shipping! +3 days for coloured CNC +10 days for wooden case

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At my conveniences. Punggol preferred.

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FREE Registered Mail Option Available.