[PO] Innisfree Skinny Cara (Volume,Fixer,Waterproof,Mirco)


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°(*^o^*).┈┈∘*┈˃̶୨୧˂̶┈*∘┈┈(*^o^*).° 🌸~Welcome to Ponylippies Preorder~🌸 🎉Here the authentic & cheapest price preorder for everything in korea🎉 🌸OPENING FOR KOREA AUTHENTIC PREORDER SPREE🌸 Closed Every Sunday (^。^) Expire date is alway 2019-2020! Authentic from korea! 🌸🌸~ O P T I O N L I S T I N G ~ 🌸🌸 🌸#Innisfree Skinny Waterproof Mircocara 🌸#Innisfree Skinny Mircocara 🌸#Innisfree Skinny Fixercara 🌸#Innisfree Skinny Volumecara 🌸~ 💌 O R D E R F O R M 💌~ 🌸🌸 Name: Contact: Address: Items: Postages option💌⬇️ 📬Normal mail :$0.60-$1.50 onwards 📬Register mail :$3.90-$4.50 onwards 📬Meetup Available:) 🙅 Not liable for lost mails 🌸All items are 100% authentic and shipped directly from Korea. No fake items as i wont sell fake item to buyer! 🌸Not responsibility for many cracked items when item is Shipping to KOREA to SG💓 💳Choice of payment accepted : ✅Internet banking | ✅Bank transfer 🌟 Waiting time: 2-2.5week🗓will update u if shipping is delay 🌟 FULL REFUND if item(s) is/are oos when ordering ~ 🌸 U P D A T E S O R D E R 🌸 ~ https://sg.carousell.com/p/111786698/ ~ 🌸 T & C 🌸 ~ https://carousell.com/p/111786865/ Thank you very much! 💓🌸HAPPY SHOPPING WITH PONYLIPPIES🌸💓 °(*^o^*).┈┈∘*┈˃̶୨୧˂̶┈*∘┈┈(*^o^*).° Tags: innisfree, Etude house, missha, peripera. thefaceshop