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preorder item 💓 ⏰waiting time ard 2-3 weeks read terms and conditions first before purchasing 😚 payment has to be in first before i send in your order 😌 🐣 send in your orders in this format 🐣 item code: quantity: size/colour: payment through: (bank transfer/cash deposit) collection through: (mailing: nm/rm/meetup) SUPPLYING 🌹 ctb us for rates 🌸 ❇⭐◻❇⭐◻❇⭐◻❇⭐◻❇⭐◻❇⭐◻❇⭐◻❇⭐◻❇⭐◻❇⭐◻❇⭐◻❇ 🍃colours available : black only 💓 size : 32.5cm x 23cm grab yours only at $13 !! 😚 negos are allowed with purchase of 3 or more items!! 😺

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