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πŸ€ before you ctb, do read through the terms & conditions!! πŸ€ by dealing, you agree to the terms & conditions stated ❄️ mass meetup schedule and t&cs link down below ⭐️ mailing info in t&cs, additional cost of mailing below the individual listings πŸ’² GET 5% OFF for each review that you post!! do refer to the link below for more information!! --------------- βœ”οΈ order form: β€’ which design and/or quantity β€’ collection method (mailing/meetup at admiralty) β€’ bank transfer / cash deposit via atm β€’ contact number γ€° do follow the order form format for quicker processing --------------- { BASIC COLLECTION } 🌾 ABOUT ITEM 🌾 πŸ’§ measurement: - small: 5.1 cm x 16.8 cm x 2.1 cm - medium: 6.4 cm x 18.9 cm x 2.6 cm - large: 7 cm x 21 cm x 2.7 cm πŸ’§ 3 sizes 🌾 PRICING 🌾 πŸ’§ small: 3.00 each πŸ’§ medium: 3.50 each πŸ’§ large: 4.00 each πŸ’§ bulk purchases: 15< (pm for more details) 🌾 DESIGNS 🌾 πŸ’§ small - white (translucent) - pink - green πŸ’§ medium - white (translucent) - pink - green πŸ’§ large - white (translucent) - pink - green 🌾 WHY THIS ITEM 🌾 πŸ’§ super useful for holding stationeries or perfect for a gift πŸ’§ super affordable too!! πŸ’§ CHEAPEST on carousell 🌾 PREORDER 🌾 πŸ’§ waiting time of 1-2 weeks after PO closing date πŸ’§ 50% of total purchases must be in before orders are processed πŸ’§ refer to t&cs for more details 🌸 do pm me if you're interested / have any questions! 🌸 follow me for more updates & listings!! πŸ•· also, check out my other listings for: πŸ•Έ { marble collection } πŸ•Έ { moleskin collection } πŸ•Έ { basic collection } πŸ•Έ { pastel collection } πŸ•Έ { metallic collection } πŸ•Έ { holographic collection } πŸ•Έ { floral collection } πŸ•Έ { jewel collection } πŸ•Έ { glow in the dark collection } ...COMING SOON! πŸ•Έ and many more to come!! ----- LINKS ------ ❄️ terms & conditions ❄️ mass meetup schedule πŸ’² GET 5% OFF any items ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ tags: cute pretty instock sweet school cheap boho minimalist marble rock grey white black unique good deal best tumblr dreamy bullet journal bulletjournal bujo muji kikki k typo white pink stationeries muji pencil case box

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Admiralty MRT Station (NS10), Singapore

refer to mass meetup schedule for more details

Mailing or Delivery

NM: additional $1 - $2, depending on total weight - NOT recommended for mailing due to the vulnerability of this item β€’ i will not be liable for lost or damaged mail