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#PO29 #ttsstationery 💕 PO ALWAYS OPEN & AVAILABLE 💕 ⚠Once you ctb me or make an offer, it is assumed that you have read and understood my T&Cs. All backout fees ($2/$5/Half price of what you are purchasing) and other conditions stated will apply. Or else, blacklisted & blocked.⚠ ⚠Asking of ridiculous questions stated in T&Cs will be ignored.⚠ Cute af and unique 👅😍 ♡ P R O D U C T   D E T A I L S ♡ ▶Products: 2 types of pencil cases (carton type, zip) & 4 types of designs (strawberry, strawberry grid, pomegranate, pomegranate grid) ▶Size: Carton type - 21.5cm × 6.5cm, zip - 20.5cm × 8cm ▶Colour: - ▶Material: - ♡ W A I T I N G   T I M E ♡ Around 1 to 2 week(s) after po closes every sunday. Pls only order if you can wait. ♡ M O D E   O F   P A Y M E N T ♡ ▶Meetups ▶Bank transfer ▶Cash deposit ▶Cheque ▶Mailed cash/cash conceal(CC) ▶Any other modes of collection method that is convi for you, pls pm. ♡ M O D E   O F   C O L L E C T I O N ♡ ▶Self-collection @Pasir Ris Crest Secondary Main Gate 358 bus stop ▶Meetups ▶Mailing (depends on weight & quantity)     ▶Normal mail (NM)     ▶Registered mail (RM) ▶Any other modes of collection method that is convi for you, pls pm. ♡ P R E O R D E R   F O R M ♡ Username: Po item number(#): Quantity: Details: Mode of payment: Mode of collection: Address: (required only if mode of collection is via mailing) Any special notes: ❌Negos/QYOP ❌Trades ❌Not liable for supplier scams/delays/defects (e.g. quality/originality/colour is slightly different from pic provided/stains/fade/slight discrepancies of 1-4cm/size etc.) ❌BACKOUTS/REFUNDS (unless out of stock)/EXCHANGES/LOWBALLERS/DEADBUYERS/MIA ⚠READ ALL T&Cs MEETUPS CAN BE DISCUSSED (PREFERABLY IN THE EAST/CENTRAL) Tags: American Apparel AA Tumblr Korean Style Stylenanda Harajuku Ulzzang

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