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hello so im bored and i was like why not sell some statipnary grabbags since i love shopping for them HAHA u can quote the price of your grabbag, but minimum $10 ! dont worry, the items i give u are worth the price, and 95% of them will be BRAND NEW πŸ˜‰ items in your grabbag will be of different brands $10 grabbag will PROBABLY include: - 2-3 pens - 1 notebook - 1-2 post it - 2 highlighters $15 grabbag will PROBABLY include: - 2-3 pens - 1 brush pen - 2-3 highlighters - 1 notebook - 1-2 post it $20 grabbag will PROBABLY include: - 4-5 pens - 1 brush pen - 2-3 highlighters - 1 notebook - 1-2 post its $25 will PROBABLY include : - 5-6 pens - 2-3 brush pens - 2-3 post its - 1-2 notebooks - 3-4 highlighters - 1 pencil case anddd u can quote a higher price if u want ! higher price = more items πŸ˜† and if you are nice, may include some freebies (e.g. washi tape samples ) too ! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ do note that the items that i said above MAY OR MAY NOT appear in your grabbag because i may get other stuff !! 😬 but no worries, its a promise that its worth it !! πŸ˜‰ if interested, pls ctb me in this order: name : age : phone number: 3 likes (colour/items): 3 dislikes (colour/items): price of your grabbag: pls give me at least 1-1.5 weeks to prepare your items as i have quite a busy schedule ! payment has to be in first before i process your order 😁 (p.s. most of the stuff wld probably be frm muji since i frequent shop for my stationary in muji as i like the quality and the minimaliat theme hehe) thank you for reading, do pm if interested !! πŸ’–

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