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Pokemon Cards and Match Attax Cards


Ci Yuan Community Club





There is a lot of cards. Just choose any cards and will try to see if have. Some of them new and some of them used so i cant put all new. The price will decide and see the type of cards. But for every people who purchase the cards will get random cards for free. While stock last!!! Meet up only at Hougang at Ci Yuan CC infront of subway. Other places will think about it!!! Mailing will consider later! I will list down some of pokemon cards! 1)Incineroar GX ($5) 2)Primarina GX ($4) 3)Lunala GX ($3) 4)Decidueye GX ($3) 5)Lurantis Gx (×2) 1 for $2.50 both for $4 6)Solgaleo GX(×2) 1 for $3 both for $ 7)Espeon GX(×1)($3)(shiny espeon GX SOLD) 8)Sylveon GX(×2) 1 for $1.50 both for $2)(BOTH SOLD) 9)Metagross GX(×3) 1 for $2 ,2 for $3.50 and all for $5 10)Noivern GX($3) 11)Kommo-o GX($1) 12)Lycanroc GX($2) 13)Tapu KoKo GX($4) 14)Ho-Oh GX($5) 15)Umbreon GX($2.50) 16)Xerneas EX($1.50) 17)Shaymin EX($3) 18)Glaceon Ex(×2)(1 shiny and 1 not)(shiny for $5 and not shiny for $2 take all for $6) 19)Kingdra EX($2) 20)Sylveon Ex (FREE)(SOLD) 21)Mega Metagross EX($7) 22)Mega Charizard EX($7) 23)Mewto Ex($5.50) 24)Reshiram EX ($6) 25)Others maybe ($1 to $8) (i got breaks card also) I will list down some of Match Attax Cards!!! 1)Dele Alli(101 Club) 2)Gabriel Jesus (100 Club) 3)David De Gea 4)Hector Bellerin 5)Dele Alli 6)Kyle Walker 7)Paul Pogba 8)Aaron Ramsey 9)Benjamin Mendy 10)Mohammed Salah 11)Marcos Alonso 12)Cesar Azpilicueta 13)Antonio Rudriger 14)Fernandinho 15)Harry Kane (Star player) 16)Tom Davies(MOTM) 17)Javier Hernandez(MOTM) 18)Callum Paterson(MOTM) 19)Antonio Valencia(MOTM) 20)Joao Moutinho(MOTM) 21)Oriol Romeo(MOTM) 22)Paul Pogba(Bronze Limited Edition) 23)Mathew Ryan(MOTM) 24)Fabinho(MOTM) 25)Jorginho(MOTM) 26)Dani Alves All of this cards that i list down is 5 star rated!!! 27)Aaron Mooy(Star player) 28)Jordon Ibe(MOTM) 29)Bernd Leno(GK) 30)Danny Rose All this rated 4 stars player!!! FOOTBALL CLUB 31)AFC BOURNEMOUTH 32)TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 33)ARSENAL 34)WESTHAM UNITED 35)MANCHESTER UNITED AND OTHERS MAYBE JUST TELL ME WHAT U WANT AND I WILL TRY TO FIND IT!!! ***NOTE:THOSE WHO BUY 2 GX IN POKEMON WILL GET ANOTHER FREE GX OR EX AND PLUS other free random cards that i promise on top. For those who buy Match Attax cards more than 5 cards will get 2 free cards that i list down on top, plus other free random cards that i promise on top. Free random cards can be between 10 cards to 20 cards. U purchase more than will get more cards and rare cards!!! If u buy pokemon cards and u want the free cards to be match attax also can or of u buy match attax card u want the free cards to be pokemon also can!!! All The Cards Can NEGO!!! If u are a Collector u want the free cards to be more than 20 cards i am find with it!!! WHILE STOCK LAST!!! THANK U!!!

5 months ago In Board Games & Cards


5 Players And Above


5-7 Years, 8-11 Years, 12-14 Years


Meet up only at Hougang at Ci Yuan CC. Any other places will consider. Mailing will consider later.

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2019 Sep

Great trade deal 😊 Quick and Fast. Friendly and decisive. Responds very fast as well. Thank you for the Great trade deal once again