PomPreece High Performance Dog Shoes (Size 2 & 4 | Red)


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PomPreece High Performance Dog Shoes (Size 2 & 4 | Red) each Forget the cute little booties that are just for laughs, these are real shoes that are specially designed to protect your dog's feet for all-day-long walking and running (and actually stay on). Features Specially shaped to fit and protect your dog's feet Double (yes, TWO straps, not just one) velcro straps on each boot to stop them from falling off Water resistant and breathable outer layer to keep it dry and warm inside High-performance rubber sole provides excellent grip and protection even on snow and slippery rocks Reflective strips built-in to help drivers see your dog at night (as well as Extra-wide opening, easy to pull on and get off How to measure your size 1. Place a paper underneath the front paws (the front paws are usually bigger than the back paws) 2. Outline the shape of the front paws with a pen (including nails) 3. Measure the WIDTH of the front paws and check against below table.

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