Pooh Face Shop Limited Edition Disney CC Cooling Cushion SPF 42 PA+++ Foundation


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Other sellers selling at $35 and up! Lowest price anywhere (: Condition: - 100% brand new in box - 100% authentic - Limited Edition - Fresh and direct from Korea - Personally brought back (hygienic+ no wait time) - Well-kept in ziplock, ziplock in air-tight containers, and containers in drawers away from heat & sun (am OCD in the storage of skincare) Shades: - V103 - V201 What it is: A sold-out cushion foundation which gives dry skin moisture re-charge; with hydrating cream and natural ingredients for moist and bright skin. Made of birch tree extract which soothes heated skin quickly (great for SG weather and for skin prone to outbreaks). 4 kinds of flowers are blended with water texture to balance skin moisture for radiant and healthy skin. Ice-melting technology is applied- helps to lower skin temperature, retains moisture, gives instant refreshment, and cooling effect. Also, it has high SPF and PA which help in sun protection; thus doubles as a great sunscreen. Thereby, enhances whitening and has anti-wrinkle/ anti-aging properties. Why buy it: Besides its adorable packaging that will cheer anyone up + moisture-retaining and cooling functions, it also acts as a sunscreen, thus, providing whitening and anti-wrinkle care. Plus! It's made of natural ingredients that are great for the skin. Major ingredients include chamomile water, lotus extract, lavender oil, and rose flower oil. Letting go at way below retail prices as am not a commercial seller seeking profits (: Do grab this adorably useful product at a great bargain now (: #thefaceshop #faceshop #pooh #disney #cushion #limitededition #foundation #makeup #base #korea #korean #beauty #sunscreen #sunblock #spf #whitening #antiaging #firming