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2 pop up, hardcover books to go to good home. Received as a gift and have never been used. RRP AUD$19.99 per book. Can be sold together or separately. Four exquisite, detailed, full-color pop-up illustrated pages for your enjoyment. Nice side-wing cover with ribbons allows you to prop it up, open, into a theatre display of sorts. Very Unique & would make a wonderful gift for a special friend or loved one. 1) The Kiss: 4 Amazing Pop-out Scenes Encourage reading via the excitement of discovery, with this delightful storybook that invites you to open its 'doors' to reveal 4 enchanting pop-up scenes from Fairyland that will grab the imagination as a tale of young love unfurls. When finished it will fold back neatly to be tied shut with a ribbon until you can't resist entering the magical world once more. 2) Enchanted Land: 4 Amazing Pop-up Scenes Discover the magical creatures who live at the bottom of the garden with this captivating storybook, where the fairies will seem almost to come to life through four ingenious 3D pop-up scenes. Untie the ribbon and open the 'doors' to enter this magical realm and read aloud the accompanying enchanting tale

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