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Popular! Ending soon (promotion for test papers/ testpapers/ exam papers/ exampapers/ past year papers


8 months ago by shopping_junction_






All papers are in SOFTCOPY! Sold OVER 100 $7 Test paper packages! This promotion is in popular demand so utilise it before it ends! ☺️🔥✔️ ✔️⭐️Prices for every test paper package are now $7 each (Usual price $25 per subject package) 😱😱😱 applicable for all levels! Guaranteed Cheapest on carousell and Singapore! 🔥 (you have to pay $3 per paper if you buy from other sellers and $50 per subject in Singapore test paper shops) These $7 Test paper packages include ✔️PRIMARY 📄1. P1 Math, Eng, Chi 2016 📄2. P2 Math, Eng, Chi 2016 📄3. P3 Math, Sci, Eng, Chi 2016 📄4. P4 Math, Sci, Eng, Chi 2016 📄5. P5 Math, Sci, Eng, Chi, Higher Chi 2016 📄6. P6 Math, Sci, Eng, Chi, higher chi 2016 📄7. [HOT SOLD 43]⭕️P6 Math 2017 full set (prelims only) ✔️SECONDARY 3 📄A Math ✔️SECONDARY 4 (O LEVEL) [Subjects available] (2016) 📄Pure Biology (FREE with any purchase) 📄Principles of Accounting ⭕️||POPULAR 📄E Math & A Math [$14 each, 27 papers each] 📄Chinese and Higher Chinese 📄Pure Chemistry and Physics 📄English (FREE with purchase) 📄Core/Elect literature 📄History (FREE with purchase) 📄Elective Geography ⭕️||POPULAR ✔️A LEVEL [subjects available] (2016) 📄General Paper 1 📄General Paper 2 📄Economics 📄H2 Chemistry 📄H2 Physics 📄H2 Biology 📄H2 Math Do message me for more info, and you will definitely be getting more than what you pay! Number of schools for each subject varies, but I will be willing to include free papers too. 🤗✨ Alternatively, you can view my popular, main listing here :) Tags E math past year paper exam paper testpaper tests quizzes EOY mid year MYE CA CA1 CA2 o level o lvl o's olvl a level a'lvl Tofl Cambridge junior college secondary school primary school soft copy online test papers exampapers pastyearpaper past year papers exam paper past year paper testpaper test paper exam papers exampapers secondary humanities giveaway allforfree bless to bless blessing charity free foc bank transfer give away free of charge

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