Portable Pressure Water jet For Washing Car / Gardening And More!


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This is pre-order thats the reason why we are able to push the pricing down if more order can be received. Please chat for more info! Warranty will be provided as usual! $130 nett Product Information: - 12V Rechargeable Lithium Battery - Fully charge 3hrs,vand can be operated for 40~ 50 mins - Pressure Pump: 60W - Water Flow: 2.3L/min - 32Littles of water tank capacity - Water Pressure: 64 psi Advantages(Over all): - Portable with Rollers. Pull N Go! Don't need, Weight Lifting. - Can be used whenever and wherever - Portable to use at outdoor activities - 35 Little water tank capacity - With built-in batteries able to use for 1 hour operate on per cycle charge - Able to charge using car lighter while using - Car park water 20cents able to fill up at least 30little and good to save water. - Good water pressure and is adjustable. Advantages(Mountain Biker): - Wash your bike with this after a muddy ride - Share around with your biker friends/buddy - Can even shower yourself on the spot after a ride and washing of bike Advantages(Car/ Van/Lorry/Motorbike): - Washing of vehicle much more convenient and save water Specifics: - Best to use on Car, Motor Cycle/Bike, Mountain Bike, Bicycle and Etc. - Item Height: 27 inch - Item Width: 35 inch - Item Length: 81 inch - Material Type: Plastic, Copper BEST FOR: - Car Wash - Motor Cycle/Bike Wash - Mountain Bike & Bicycle Wash - Glass Wash - Garden Wash - Yard Wash Package Include : 1x Washer(Dry Weigh 4Kg, Water Tank 32Liters) 1x Hair Brush 1x Spray Gun(Water come out one straight line) 1x Spray Gun(Water come out widely end to end(Promotion period ended stopped giving out)) 1x Hand handle switch 1x Water Pipe Hose(7meter) 1x Car Lighter Charger(3meter) 1x Indoor Socket Charger(2meter) 1x Form Bottle