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Portable Wireless Straightening Curling Hair Straightener Product Benefits 产品优点 1.Compact, Portable / Easy to carry out (外形小巧,方便外出携带) 2. Can be used to Perm, Curly and Straighten Hair. Can be used as PowerBank to charge mobile phones, MP4 and other digital products. (烫发器不单可以卷发、拉直,而且可以对手机、MP4等数码产品充电,真正实现一机多用) 3. Can charged by USB or Used as Powerbank (烫发器可以usb充电,可以做充电宝使用) 4. Excellend Stying for Long Hair and Fringe and Curly Hair (可打造韩式刘海、空气刘海、发尾内扣等多种造型) 5. Student / Traveller essential hairdressing tools used, no longer have to worry about dormitory power outages (学生宿舍使用的必备美发工具,再也不用为宿舍会断电而烦恼) 6. Three temperature 180.150.120 degrees Avail in white n gold pink Instock Free delivery Order will process after payment

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