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Brand new in box. What is Posture MD ? An easy-to-use, versatile posture corrector for work and home. Create confident posture with an insanely comfortable sitting experience. Learn confident posture while sitting. Medically proven to alleviate pain, increases comfort, and create a confident stance. Fast Results Spend 30 minutes sitting at your desk or in the car and you will notice the small discomforts of the low back, upper back, shoulders, and neck. Lumbar supports are an incomplete solution. Full back support that fits in almost any chair is the answer. Posture MD offers a long term solution for comfort. You will be able to maintain good posture without effort on your part. The result is being able to sit and work comfortably uninterrupted by discomfort. Posture MD's revolutionary staged-wedge design keeps the users pelvis back while getting progressively wider where contact with the upper back is made. The patent pending convex-tech full back support allows shoulder blades to wrap around Posture MD. Simply sitting against Posture ME will create better posture . For more info:

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