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Sansevieria tops the list as being the most tolerant of all decorative plants to survive the most unsuitable growing conditions, abuse and neglect a plant could receive. Basically, you have to work really hard to kill sansevieria. Haha but why will you want to kill a beautiful plant like this! And since so many of you have been asking for smaller sized snake plants for desks and offices, here they are! Bonus: The snake-plant is a great air-purifier even that converts carbon dioxide into oxygen at night, so bedrooms here we come! Now pay attention here: Where should I place the snake plant? Anywhere! They are even highly recommended as a bathroom plant because it simply grows despite the low light! How often should I water the snake plant? You can go ahead and "forget" to water them for days, just come back after 2-3 weeks to water them once, ok! Now you've seen how compact and durable the snake plant is, don't you use your "missing-green-fingers" excuse to say no to houseplants! Haha it's a great beginner plant, and seeing it healthy will definitely boost your confidence for other houseplants! Oh, and its definitely suitable for offices too! Low-light, don't need to water everyday, what better office companion than this?! The 1st and 2nd photos features a variegated snake plant hahnii that comes in a pale cream and light green stripes along the leaves; 3rd and 4th photos features a variety with gorgeous dark green leaves and yellow edges ;) White pot in 1st & 2nd photo measures approx 10cmA x 8.5cmH White pot in 3rd & 4th photo measures 9cmA x 9cmH (SOLD) Tags: indoor gardening, indoor plants, houseplants, officeplants, snake plant, mother-in-law's plant, sansevieria trifasciata hahnii, home decor, air purifying plants

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