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For those who'd like to bring a touch of tropics into your home and interior space, heliconias are the plants to go to! Yes, heliconias are known for their bright, unusual and attention seeking flowers and bracts, but their foliage also stands out even when the plants aren't in bloom. Because Heliconia grow in bright clearings, it would be good if your pot of Heliconia can be provided with at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day, as this would encourage continuous flowering. Lower amounts of sunlight would result in the production of lush foliage, with flowers making a less common appearance. The plant will also tend to grow taller and larger with less light, which is an advantage if you have a space which you'd like to fill up ;) Heliconias also love water. They should be watered as often as possible, at least once in the morning and once in the evening, not letting the soil to dry out completely. Plants subjected to drought will experience leaf-browning, especially along the leaf margins. We'll specially pot the heliconia plant in fibre pot with a built in drainage system which keeps the soil elevated from a bed of water and at the same time keeping your home clean (no holes at the bottom of the pot). Get your pot of heliconia today and bring the tropics home! Tags: indoor gardening, indoor plants, houseplants, heliconia, lobster claws, home decor, tropical plants

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