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🔥Powerful wealth & protection🔥 Mass chanted ceremony (monk names listed below) Temple:Wat Na Phra Meru (Ayutthaya) and Wat Sridonmoon Year Consecrated: BE 2553 Roon Udom Choke Maha Larp Size: 4.3cm x 4.3cm Material: Copper plated with 3 tone colour Purpose: Wealth, protection, business and metta mahaniyom Comments: This batch of Phra Pikanet was made by Wat Nah Phra Meru to raise funds for 4 non-profit organizations: Wat Nah Phra Meru (Ayuthaya), Wat Sri Don Moon (Chiangmai), Wat Buddha (Singburi), Foundation Kanlayanavisut (Bangkok). These Phra Pikanet were chanted by many guru monks in a grand ceremony and was again, privately blessed by Kruba Noi. 1. Chao Khun Sahoh, Wat Saket 2. Chao Khun Win, Wat Baromwong 3. Chao Khun Waew, Wat Panancheung 4. Chao Khun Yana Tri Loke, Wat Kasatra Tirat 5. Phra Thep Molee, Wat Ratcha Patikaram 6. LP Sawas, Wat Salapoon 7. LP Somsak, Wat Nah Phra Meru 8. LP Yeam, Wat Rai King 9. Luang Tia Suparat, Wat Buddha 10. Phra Ajarn Narong, Wat Don 11. LP Somkid, Wat Maheyong 12. LP Chalerm, Wat Phra Yart 13. LP Samran, Wat Sao Thong 14. LP Auen, Wat Wang Daeng 15. Phra Ajarn Bah, Wat Poh Langa 16. Phra Ajarn Aod, Wat Nah Phra Meru 17. Kruba Noi, Wat Sridonmoon Pm me for price & deal up details. Taken directly from temple and 100% genuine. Do not miss this chance to own this powerful amulet!

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