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Pre-love in good condition. Watched once only. Please note that pics 1 and 2 are downloaded from the Internet. The box for part 1 is missing the cover poster. Refer to pic 3. Genre: Drama, comedy Episodes: 13 Broadcast network: StarTVBroadcast Year: 2008 Synopsis: 'The story took place at West Side High School, during a time when the Jianghu was still the goods against the evils. For the two legendary martial art books which is hidden in 4 different schools, both of the groups uses all their power to get it. The ones who gets it will have the power to rule over Jianghu. People from all over the place whether it's male or female gathered together to search for it. Amongst the students of West Side, Linghu Cong is the most powerful. A person who doesn't care about fame and wealth, who just wanted to be with his Lu Jian Ning. Meanwhile, he slowly develops a friendship with Ren Yin Ying, the seemingly-cold daughter of leaders of the Evil Clan. Later on Guo Jing has caught up to him in martial art and also develop feelings for Lu Jian Ning. Because of saving someone, he lost all his internal power. In the end he learned "Gudu Swordfight" and "Yijingjing". Starring: Wang Zi as Linghu Cong Albee Huang as Ren Ying Ying Ah Wei as Guo Jing Yako Chan as Lu Jian Ning Wang Jing Qiao as Xiao Long Nu Ah Ben as Wei Xiao Bao Xiao Yu as Chu Liu Xiang Xiao Ma as Yi He Cang Tai Carmen Tang as Lan Feng Huang Mei Mei as Guardian Sheng Nu Mini Chang as Guardian Xie Nu Michelle Chang as little nurse Xu Xiao Shun (許效舜) as Zhou Da Tong Vicky Chen as Jin Xiang Yu Zhang Ke Fan (張克帆) as Lu Da You Wang De Sheng (王德生) as West Side principal Yong Tu (勇兔) as Shuang Er Ma You Xing (馬幼興) as Ren Han Tian Tan Xiao Lan (譚筱嵐) as Ren Ying Ying's mother Amanda Chou as Tian Shan Tong Lao Ao Quan as Hong Shi Ba Christine Fan as Dong Fang Bu Bai Xiao Jie as Ronaldo (ep.13) William as Beckham (ep.13) Chou Yi Chun as member of Wu Ren Bang (ep.13) Wu Ying Jie as member of Wu Ren Bang (ep.13) Apple Huang as member of Wu Ren Bang (ep.13) Notes: This show is a spoof of Jin Yong and Gu Long's wuxia characters.' 13 episodes in 4 DVD For self-collection at Redhill MRT, otherwise transport cost of $3 required. Postage services available and charges are based on singpost rates. Buyers are advised to check the item before paying. Seller is not responsible for lost mail if buyer opts for normal mail. Low-ballers please stay away.

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