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Jelly Lipstick with dried florals & gold foils 100% Pure Natural Certified Temperature change lipstick changes color once applied on lips Brand New Comes in Box 8 color to choose from ✯super moisture can act as daily care lipbalm ✯waterproof ✯long lasting ✯natural plant extracts ✯collagen infused Highly Recommended as we personally tested (AngelTemptation) & (Kailijumei) AngelTemptation is so much moist & long lasting !!😄😄 Do take a look at our posted pic there is a hand test chart on color Color 1⇨#301 (yellow floral+gold foils) Color 2⇨#302 (red floral+gold foils) Color 3⇨#303 (purple floral+gold foils) Color 4⇨#304 (pink floral+goil foils) Color 5⇨#305 (green floral+gold foils) Color 6⇨#306 (beige floral+foils) Color 7⇨#307 (orange floral+gold foils) Color 8⇨#308 (mint green floral+gold foils) 1 for $10 Buy 3 at the price of $25😄😄 waiting time around 7-10days Inclusive of local normal postage😊😊

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