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*Customization not limited by car brands and models. PM me to enquire what logo you want for your car!* Customize car mats according to your car model. Mats are of carpet material which are easy to clean, not trap dirt like 3M / 3A material and washable. It is odour-free and not smell plasticky. Mats also come with clips that secure the mats to the base of the cabin floor for applicable models. Minimally, the mats have Velcro-like underside to prevent them sliding around. These features help to prevent mess and enhance safety for the driver. Mats that move out of position can obstruct pedals - dangerous! There are 4 colours to choose for the mats and you can also select to embroider most logos associated with the car brand. Listed price of $90 is for generic sedan models, and excludes delivery To make things convenient, you only have to make ONE trip which is during collection. Orders are usually ready at most 2 weeks after placement. Actual products have been delivered and reviews from buyers are very positive. Feel free to pm me if you're interested.

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