Porsche - Customized Velvet Mats


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*Customization not limited by car brands and models. PM me to enquire what logo you want for your car!* Customize car mats according to your car model. ✅ Velvet surface enhances luxurious look and feel of car interior. Brand related logo strengthens identity. ✅ Custom-fit to your car cabin floor layout. ✅ Non-toxic and odourless material, unlike 3M/3A mats which smell plasticky. ✅ High-density tufted carpet giving it smooth, fluffy, feel. Nylon fibre ensures durability. ✅ Water-proof middle layer which prevents seepage and permeable top allows evaporation of moisture ✅ Easy to clean, vacuum, wash and dry ✅ Grippy underside material prevents mats from sliding out of place. ✅ Model-specific clips securing mats to car floor included. ✅ Light weight and easy to handle. There are 4 colours to choose for the mats and you can also select to embroider most logos associated with the car brand. You can also add colour to the edges as well as define the thread color. Listed price of $150 is for generic sedan models, and excludes delivery. No deposit required provided buyer is willing to exchange phone number and make offer here. During collection of mats, NO FIT NO PAY. Actual products have been delivered and reviews from buyers are very positive. Feel free to pm me if you're interested.

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