{Pre Order} Sword Art Online 10 (Light Novel) Alicization Running


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📌English version 📌$24.81 at Kinokuniya 📌Paperback -preorder listing so 100% payment before I order ANYTHING! (At ur own risk, but why would one cheat for $20? ~ Check my reviews) -Strictly MEET UPS only as I HATE it when books come damaged. 🔹I love to read and would love to help those who simply can’t spend $20+ for a paperback book! 🔹This is a PREORDER listing and thus, will have to have at least 5 orders before I place my order; the waiting will be long but it will be worth it!! 🔹I make sure i sell my books CHEAP (sometimes 50%!) , cause simply, I understand how you feel when u pick up an AMAZING book at Popular and see the price tag to be at a whopping $25. 🔹I am ordering my books directly from overseas; London, USA so it’ll take some time - the longer you wait, the more you’ll appreciate! 👍🏻 🔹I sell A LOT books, so if you find one that you’re interested in just PM me! ❗️please note that this is a preorder listing and I will have no clue how Long the item will arrive; it ever took 2 months before but it was so worth it as I saved 50%. Also, because of rough handling, sometimes books come damaged; I will try my best to speak to the supplier about this but, when it comes down to it, I have no say. BUT don’t worry! This RARELY happens. -Just a heads up. ❤️❤️

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