SUV 4x4 Rims for On/Off-road Offset -6 (set of 4) without tyre FOR SALES


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πŸ‘‰ Model : F1000 4-piece Rims only, NO TYRE πŸ‘‰ Specs. / Dimension refer to 2nd picture πŸ‘‰ Exported Dereg Hyundai Tucson (SUV) so selling πŸ‘‰ Installed less than 6 months before exporting πŸ‘‰ Never used in off-road condition / expedition πŸ‘‰ Kept in carton boxes for delivery convenience πŸ‘‰ Welcome checks before buying πŸ‘‰ Self collection and self-arranged installation πŸ‘‰ Willing to negotiate with "reasonable" price πŸ‘‰ Fit most SUVs, some model need minor mobs, can intro you ***Not Selling Separately*** ** Ridiculous offer will NOT be entertained Tag: Suzuki, Vitara, Hyundai, RAV4, Fortuner, CR-V, Range Rover, Land Rover, Jeep, Murano, Chrysler, Crossover, Volkswagen, Sport Utility Vehicles, Trend, Nissan, Rush, Hybrid, Ford Escape, BMW X3, Q3, Mazda CX-3, Volvo, biggest SUVs, designed large families, haul, tow, Popular model, Chevrolet Suburban, Ford Expedition, Toyota Sequoia, Car Magazine, Dirt, Forest, Juggle, road trip, mud, track, camp, Jurassic park, Mercedes A class, Audi Q5, wheels, Fun, City, Terios, Jimny, Winch