Preloved Kawasaki Zx7r Zx-7r With Ohlins Rear


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Unlesh Zx7 coe expiry 30th April 2023 ohlins rear Pm me and offer Meaner than a junkyard dog. The ZX7R Ninja is an old school gangster of a bike; crude, out of style, but still brutally effective in the right hands. A proper 750 in fact. It’s been around for over a decade now, with a succession of updates to try and keep it on the pace with the GSXR750 Suzy - its main rival. If you like your bikes big, brutal and rev happy, the ZX7R Ninja will fit the bill perfectly. It shouldn’t surprise me, but it does; every time I ride the Kawasaki ZX7R Ninja. I can’t help but let Mr Hyde take over and misbehave on the road once again. The sheer buzz you get from caning the nuts off the 750cc four, especially above 10,000 revs, is utterly addictive. And illegal once you’re out of second gear... This example was a used model - three years old in fact - but you wouldn’t have known it once out in the countryside around DK Motorcycles Staffordshire warehouse. The thing went like the proverbial off a shovel and had the screaming banshee noise to match its devilish performance. In a nutshell, it felt brand, spanking new and more importantly, like a genuine 1990s designed motorcycle.