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The Best Stickers Quality right here. Good Quality Waterproof and Sun protection stickers. Which helps your sticker last long. Cute stickers for you to use it on anywhere such as laptops, luggage, wallets, bag, phone covers and notebooks! Anywhere will do! Long lasting top quality stickers Grab bag: 10stickers - $4.90 20 stickers - $8.80 40 stickers - $17 (Chat to ask more packages!) Stickers will sent through random but not to worry, each stickers will be different design and can let me know whether you're into more cool/feminine design! Why Buy from us? - We ensure each pieces will be check b4 sending out! - We send out immediately for you to receive it quickly! - We answer to your enquires as when you need! - we throw in random extra stickers! Bulk purchase (contact us) Meetup for $10 and above. Normal Mailing $1.50 Registered $4.00

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