Preorder LED Makeup Mirror Easily Connect With USB And Battery And Plug


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$44.90 Not like other mirror , it can rotate the mirror screen into 180 degree and different direction Can use with battery or join with computer or 3 pin plug User friendly touch button to switch on and off The stand can adjust 4 direction. Self collection at Clementi We test infront of u at the collection Only self collection available cuz this is mirror easy to broke if send with postage Features U can see your face clearly when u do makeup or skin care . Led light will make u see more clearer ur skin complexion and pores . It corrects the makeup Colour too . Under room light , u thought ur makeup Colour look good but going outside it is not as good as u think ... cuz outside is brighter than ur room light . This mirror will correct the lighting and u can correct ur makeup Colour tone . User friendly and can bring out door with battery . Good for makeup artist who has photoshoot outdoor . Easily can use with USB and also with plug . This mirror is LED mirror so the LED is inside the mirror and it won't easily spoiled . Recommended item

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self collection : Clementi