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  • donghyuns

    ah i just saw this omg... rlly sad bc tbh this is the only place i buy clothes from 😂 bc they have my sizes.. cries 😢

  • xoxox.xx

    huh omggg im so sadd cuz i have bought so many tees from yall alrdy :(( whr am i supposed to buy nice good quality tees now?

  • _what

    2 months and still haven't receive the shirt

Preorders No More! ♥️


11 months ago by rainbowpeels




We have closed preorders and will only be uploading our remaining instocks on here to sell :) Thank you for all your support this whole time and we will be settling all remaining PO orders that have been paid for! In the meantime, we won't be as active and will not be opening preorders again anytime soon due to both of our busy schedules and bigger commitments now to take care of. This community has been great, we really appreciate your patience with us all this while! It has been a wonderful 4 years sharing cute tees and items with you all! We're leaving this listing open for anyone who have any further questions for us :) Instocks will be up soon!! ♥️ Much Love and Gratitude, Rainbow Peels

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