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Nature of preserved flowers can last up to min. 3-5 years. To ensure that the flowers last longer, avoid direct sunlight or condensation that may occur when the item is moved from hot to cold environment (vice versa). Preserved flowers use a German technique by first removing water from the flowers, colours are removed in the process (except for white/off-white/champagne/light colours). The flowers are post processed to add colours to them. The end products are flowers with the texture and look of real flowers, sometimes bringing with them the fragrance of flowers. Details (Black Square Glass Box - $45.00): 1. 8.5x8.5x8.5cm Black Square Display Glass Box 2. 5cm Light Pink Rose 3. White Hydrangea (big & small petals) Details (Gold Pyramid Glass Box - $39.90): 1. Gold Pyramid Display Glass Box (Base - 9.5x9.5cm, Height - 10cm) 2. 4cm Red Rose 3. Dark Grey Hydrangea 4. Lace Ribbon at top of pyramid to prevent box from opening (not shown in the picture). See more items related to preserved flowers: #deco #wedding #preserved #eternal #real #nonartificial #alternative #forever #lasting #homedeco #cardeco #accessories #handmad

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Jurong East MRT Jurong East Street 12 Jurong East Singapore, Singapore

Due to the item being fragile, only meet up. For other MRT locations, additional $5 charge.