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Lessons will be on Weekends (arrange a timing with me, most timings should be fine) in 1 1/2 hour sessions. Subjects offered: Primary & Lower Secondary: English & Science Upper Secondary: English, Pure Chemistry, Pure Physics, Pure Biology, Combined Science & Combined Humanities(History) About Myself: I am an undergraduate looking to do tuition part-time, specialising in a few key subjects A key focus of my tutition will be inculcating in my students an interest in the subject that i teach, as i firmly believe that in order to excel in a subject, one must have the proper foundational passion for it to begin with. That is why I am only offering to teach a few subjects, namely ones that i myself am particularly passionate about, so hopefully I can share that along with the skills necessary to do well in the subject! I am rather proficient in the English language (A1 at Olvl A for GP at Alvl) having grown up in an english speaking household as my Dad is an Englishman from the UK. Through developing the student's grammatical abilities and expanding their vocabulary, I aim to improve both the speaking & writing ability of the student, as well as teach them methods to structure essays/answers to comprehension questions. I have a particular interest in the sciences, and consider myself to be rather adept in them. Science can be a really fun subject to learn when taught in the right manner, in my opinion thats the most important thing when it comes to doing well in it. Of course, I also aim to foster the student's understanding of the curriculum, and develop their analytical abilities, so they can form logical and concise answers to scientific problems. Tuition Rates: $15 dollars/h for the first lesson as a trial period to gauge my engagement with the student, where parents can decide whether they want to continue the service Thereafter: $30/h for Pri/Lower Sec $35/h for Upper Sec Feel free to PM me with any queries or to arrange a session. I reply very quickly!! Tags: Primary, Secondary, Tuition, English, Science

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2019 Dec

friendly seller and mail it the next day. hope to deal again. thank you!