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🍄what do i have? ⚡️PRIME MEMBER VALID TILL 27 MAY 2018! ⚡️SVIP MEMBER!! 🍄benefits - 4% agent fee instead of the usual 8% for normal users! - free insurance fee!! (up to $1000 worth of insurance fee) - no strings attached!! - this is on a time basis! you can checkout as many times as you want within the time allocated! - any quantity of items, just depends on the time allocated! 🍄pricing - $1 for 30 mins - $2 for 1.5 hours - additional $0.50 if time allocated is exceeded - additional $1 for every 30 mins thereafter - wishlist is chargeable at $2 for every wish *the last slot will end at 12am every night* 🍄how to approach: - let me know how long you're interested in using it for (30 mins / 1.5 hours) - transfer $1 / $2 to my bank account and send proof of transaction - tell me what time you want & i'll help you reserve the slot 🍄how does it work: - log in - add your items into the cart - checkout using your own mode of payment - select delivery point - checkout with your *carousell* name and phone number! - screenshot your items for future reference - log out - show video proof of logging out ‼️ - inform me when you're done! (you'll be logged out once other users log in! So do inform me only AFTER you have checked out) 🍄wishlist: - wishlist is chargeable at $4 for each wish - after payment has been received, send me the link to the item that you want to add into the wishlist - proof of item being added will be shown - items will be approved/rejected within 24 hours - I'll update buyers when their wishes get approved/rejected - those who wants to purchase their item (if it gets approved) will have to purchase a slot with me as per normal - wishlist is capped at 1 per user per month - in any case the buyer sends me the wrong link and the wrong item is added into the wishlist, i will not be held reliable. 🍄additional charges: - additional $1 will be charged if buyers requires me to change information (e.g. delivery point/contact number) - additional $1 will be charged for every missed collection of items (from 3rd time missed onwards, regardless of parcel) 🍄collection: - i'll inform you through text your number / through carousell when your items have arrived - inform me if you have not collected your items, or else i'll just acknowledge it! 🍄a few things to take note: - use 3 times & get 4th time free!! (up to 30 mins) - if you want to extend your usage during the 4th time, extra charges will apply - promotion is NOT applicable to wishlist (e.g. buy 3 wishlist, get 1 wishlist free) - time allocated is inclusive of checking out & payment of items - charges apply if buyers want to change delivery point/contact information (so do make sure everything's correct!) - additional charges also apply if you missed the collection date! (grace of 2 missed times is given) - payment for prime access must be made through bank transfer ONLY - tell me your preferred time and date - the slot will be confirmed only after payment and only if there's availability - slots will be given to those who paid first - strictly no refunds 💖do pm me if you're interested! 💖 HAPPY SHOPPING! 🤗 *time purchased must be used within 1 session. any unused time cannot be brought forward to another session. any unused hours/time will not be refunded **i will not be liable for any lost/missing items. but will refund you items that are out of stock! ☺️ Tags: ezbuy taobao prime miniso mini notebooks access account prime helper

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