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Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, Twelfth Edition. Volume 2 Maintenance and Continuity of the Human Body


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As good as new book for potential NTU sports electives. The art and illustration program and the innovative learning features make the explanations and concepts of anatomy and physiology easier to understand in this 12th edition of 'Principles of Anatomy and Physiology'. ISBN: 9780470392348 Publisher: Wiley Gerard J. Tortora is Professor of Biology and former Coordinator at Bergen Community College in Paramus, NJ, where he teaches human anatomy and physiology as well as microbiology. He received his bachelor's degree in biology from Fairleigh Dickinson University and his master's degree in science education from Montclair State College. He is a member of many professional organizations, such as the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS), the American Society of Microbiology (ASM), American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), National Education Association (NEA), and the Metropolitan Association of College and University Biologists (MACUB). Bryan Derrickson is Professor of Biology at Valencia Community College in Orlando, Florida, where he teaches human anatomy and physiology as well as general biology and human sexuality. He received his bachelor's degree in biology from Morehouse College and his Ph.D. in Cell Biology from Duke University. Bryan's study at Duke was in the Physiology Division within the Department of Cell Biology, so while his degree is in Cell Biology his training focused on physiology. At Valencia, he frequently serves on faculty hiring committees. He has served as a member of the Faculty Senate, which is the governing body of the college, and as a member of the Faculty Academy Committee (now called the Teaching and Learning Academy), which sets the standards for the acquisition of tenure by faculty members. Nationally, he is a member of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) and the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT). Unit I: Organization of the Human Body 1. An Introduction to the Human Body 2. The Chemical Level of Organization 3. The Cellular Level of Organization 4. The Tissue Level of Organization 5. The Integumentary System Unit II: Principles of Support and Movement 6. The Skeletal System: Bone Tissue 7. The Skeletal System: The Axial Skeleton 8. The Skeletal System: The Appendicular Skeleton 9. Joints 10. Muscle Tissue 11. The Muscular System Unit III: Control Systems of the Human Body 12. Nervous Tissue 13. The Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves 14. The Brain and Cranial Nerves 15. The Autonomic Nervous System 16. Sensory, Motor and Integrative Systems 17. The Special Senses 18. The Endocrine System Unit IV: Maintenance of the Human Body 19. The Cardiovascular System: The Blood 20. The Cardiovascular System: The Heart 21. The Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels and Hemodynamics 22. The Lymphatic System, Nonspecific Resistance to Disease, and Immunity 23. The Respiratory System 24. The Digestive System 25. Metabolism 26. The Urinary System 27. Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Homeostasis Unit V: Continuity 28. The Reproductive Systems 29. Development and Inheritance

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