Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2017 (U.P $28); platform pc


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1. Just ask us for any game you wish to purchase and we would provide you with a quotation. 2. All the games we have on offer are available at a way lower cost than what you can purchase from steam singapore. 3. With steam's new gifting system as of 2017, gifting would no longer be possible as we wont be able to hold games in stock in our inventory. Our gifts are usually bought during steam sales, stored in our inventory and resold at a lower price. 4. We would now be issuing you game keys only. 5. Wonder how we obtain our game keys at a much lower cost than those sold in steam singapore ? The game keys we sell are obtained from the following sources: A. Physical copies of games bought from other countries. When these games are bought in bulk, they are usually much cheaper. These games also come with steam keys, origin keys or blizzard keys. It is these keys from physical copies we sell to you. And these steam keys have NO REGION LOCK. Region lock only applies to games bought from steam ONLY and are not applicable to physical copies. B. We are gamers and we buy computer hardware upgrades time to time. Buying new graphics cards from Nvidia would mean a free steam game would be given. As we do not need games we already own, we are selling these keys away. C. We take part in gaming events time to time. The game events we mainly take part in are Fifa online 3 and overwatch. So game event Organisers sometimes do give us steam games for free. We also sell those keys. These keys have region lock and can only be played in south east asia. However, as we are selling to singaporeans, this should not be an issue to anyone. 5. We do not buy games from Malaysia and gift it over. Doing so would be against steam's terms and conditions. Steam's new gifting system means games would also no longer be able to be gifted between countries with significant difference in game pricing. Buyers beware of obtaining Malaysian/ phillipines based gifts. Should the seller be using VPNs to buy games from Malaysia or should a 'malaysian seller' be using a VPN to make him seem like he is in singapore, steam would ban those accounts and you as a buyer, would also lose your game from your steam account. Steam bans accounts for using VPNs (steam's ban means sellers will no longer be able to gift, trade or buy games from steam store. Buyers will lose their games from their inventory). 6. Our pricing may or may not be cheaper than games gifted from Malaysia or Philippines. However, they are all authentic and they will work. Steam will not revoke those games from your account. 7. Should you have issues with your cd keys, we wont let you off or 'run away' with your money. Simply let us know and we will check on our end. Should we accidentally have given you a cd key we have given someone already, we will refund you the money or give you another key. 8. Scammers beware, we will not entertain 'scammers' trying to claim that they received a non- working key. We keep records of cd keys we sell, so we do know which keys work. Fradulent attempts of claiming another cd key or to seek a refund will not be entertained. 9. To prevent scammers from claiming a chargeback, we only accept bank transfer as a sole mode of payment. 10. All sales are final and no refunds will be given. However, as stated in point 7, we will issue you a refund or another key should we have made the mistake of giving you a wrong key.