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Wak Doyok Authentic Beard & Hair Cream For Sale!! ✈Cream for Hair, Eyebrows, Mustache, Beard, Sideburns and Chest. ✈Rapidly Stimulates facial hair growth! ✈Can be used for hair. ✈Originated form natural herbs. ✈Good Results HOW TO USE: Apply & rub on twice a day. Once during the day time before shower & night time before bed. For better results, clean shave recommended before FIRST time application. For fast results, safe to apply 3-4 times throughout the day depending on skin types. Purchase 1 For $15.00 If you buy 2 it will cost $28! (Best Price!!) 100% Authentic. Imported from direct main factory! BEWARE OF CLONES & FAKE PRODUCTS. How to Purchase ⚠️Method of Collection⚠️ 👉🏼Self Collect At Sembawang 🌏Bank transfer & Postage at $1.00 (Buyers undertake all responsibility for damage and loss of items during postage) 🌏Why Purchase From Us? 🌏Our Products Are Tested For Premium Quality. 🌏We Bring The Best Items With Value. 🌏Our Products Are Authentic 🌏We Are A Trusted Seller Our Brands 🌏Since 2011. Qapita/Vacker by Fox Albert Group. Thanks for viewing! The Venzres Shop By Qapita Group The Venzres Shop, The Shop Made For You

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