Promo - Columbus Leather Edge Wax for Leathercraft


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Search " @Ideas Leathercraft " for Leathercraft Tools and Accessories. Columbus Leather Edge Wax for Leathercraft Usual: $13 Per Piece. - Made in Japan. - Size: 92*28*12mm - Weight: 25g - This item is made in Japan,this is professional leather polishing wax. - Wax is applied to the edges and melted on with the flat-headed iron, to seal and waterproof them. A rag with wax already on it is also rubbed along the edges, the friction of which melts its wax onto the surface. - Available Colour White (Transparent) = Sold Black = 1 Brown = 1 Dark Brown = 1 *(Picture is taken from Other Website)*. - Advise to Meet-Up as items may break into pieces when mailing. - Meet up at Bugis+ to our convenience. - Via normal mail (+$1.00) or registered mail (+$3.50). *(I will not be liable for loss or damage during post)*. #Leathercraft #Columbus #Wax #Edge