PROMO LimeCrime Matte Lipstick Inspired Instocks Raven Jinx Utopia Flamingo Squash Teacup Alien Saddle


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Hi ladies... The long waiting of lime crime is back restocked!!.. Quick pm me.. Now is on PROMOTION!! IN STOCKS: Raven Alien Teacup Squash Flamingo Jinx Utopia Saddle Zenon Its Highly graded Inspired.. 😘😘 Long lAsting n the texture is so Smooth that u wont feel anything.. Non sticky matte.. Chocolaty Smell.. Just in !! Grab now ladies... Ure gonna love the smooth texture of Limecrime n wont crack up ur lips ladies.. Ive been using it and love it.. Price included normal postage! $4.00 each.. Purchase 4 fOr $14!... why noT buy for urself ladies to treat for a beautiful make over and Good for Gifts tOO...!! Its high gRaded quality.. Am mail $2.90 Smart Pac $3.20 Reg mail $3.80 Delivery $8 Pm me ladies foR more disc n buy more ONLY MAILING FOR THIS LIMECRIME Please do not ask me to travel as I'm selling at low price already :-) NO EXCHANGE OR REFUND Tags: Matte Liquid foundation Cosmetic Beauty Beauty care Skin Skin care Foundation Make up Slim Slimming Vitamin Face Body care Body Mascara Volume Eyebrow pencil Brush Fullips Lipstick Lipgloss BB cream Aloevera Soothing gel Eyeliner Eye mask Lip mask Concealer Matte Whitening Armpit Matte lipstick Matte lipgloss Shawl Scarf Scarve Hijab Tudung Bawal Dua Muka Necklace Printed Floral Flower Abstract Earring Clutch Wallet Handbag Bag Gucci LV Prada tsk Hand Body Foot Baby Toddler Beauty Blender Slimming Tea Skirt Pants Shoe herbal kurus badan Bib Hairband Socks Princess Infant Lace Cotton Kidswear Babywear Knot Knitted bandana bib beautycare cosmetic bodycare Cotton Black Anastasia Urban Decay Highlight Contour Kit Collagen Crystal Gold Nail Vitamin Matte Underarm Bikini Scars Acne Whitening Teeth Brush Curved Glow Armpit supplier reseller Face Birthday Edition Huda Beauty Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette Kylie Birthday Mini Kit Enlarging Enhancement Glow Kit Highlight Contour Huda Beauty Anastasia Ginger Chili Slim Famous Video Star Trendsetter Vixen Trophy Wife Gossip Gurl

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