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    Promotion! Limited Time Only, Brand New Haier Vacuum Cleaner Automatic Robot. Haier smart sweeping vacuum robot is the TOP 15 best powerful vacuum cleaning robots


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    Promotion! Limited Time Only, Brand New Haier Vacuum Cleaner Automatic Robot promo! Real life for our best selling Haier smart vacuum cleaner robot! dedicated water tank for wet mopping, slim design, quiet& powerful suction, all floor types including short-pile carpet. promo price, only$269(u.p.$1399). free delivery. while stock lasts. contact 83878632 for deal now! Promotion 269 Limited Time Only Haier smart sweeping vacuum robot is the TOP 15 best powerful vacuum cleaning robots reviews 2016-2017. Reference: 海尔扫地机器人两款被评为2016-2017最好用的15大机器人之一。参考网址如下。 Haier是世界500强企业, 在中国跟香港都有上市, 代码分别为(600690/01169). 并在2016年的时候,以美金5.6亿收购美国通用. 大品牌,放心购买,32年品质保证,全球上千网点服务保障. Haier is listed in both China & HK stock market. In 2016, Haier acquired US General Electric appliance company in the scale of USD 5.6 billion. Famous brand: 32-years quality assurance, the world’s thousands of network service security. 海尔扫地机器人:吸扫拖同步一步到位才干净 Haier smart sweeping robot floor cleaner: Incorporating the function of vacuum and mopping 吸扫拖同步 3-in-1 action (sweep, vacuum, mop action) 智能规划 Smart route planning 超薄机身 Super slim design 爆售20000+台 ,清洁一步到位. Achieving global sale of 20000+ sets, achieving highest standard of cleanliness! 全屋清洁 1台顶3台 The complete home cleaner, the only cleaner with three cleaning functions. 吸尘 扫地 拖地 一步到位 Top notch cleaner with vacuum, sweeping and mopping capabilities. 扫地 拖地 Sweeping, mopping 全屋清洁2步曲 2 steps ultimate cleaner. Step 1: Haier smart sweeping robot floor cleaner. 地面清洁. House’s floor cleaner. 会扫地/拖地. Sweeping and mopping function. 清洁毛发, 灰尘,杂物,颗粒. Clearing up of fur, hair, ash, sand & stain. 适用于各种地板地砖. Usable on various types of surface. Step 2 清扫毛发, 灰尘,杂物,颗粒. Clearing up of fur, hair, ash, sand & stain. 知用于沙发,床褥,柜子,车内等. Applicable on sofa, mattress, ward rode & car interior. 四大核心功能 为地面清洁而来. 4 key components of Haier cleaner 7.8cm 薄. Slim design of only 7.8cm 吸扫拖同步 深度清洁. Vacuum, Sweeping and Mopping- 3 in 1 functions, 1200pa 劲吸. 1200pa super strong suction. 加长边刷. Extra-long side brush. 大水箱. Huge water tank for mopping purpose. 1200 Pa 澎湃吸力 深度清扫. 1200pa super strong suction. 自主识别环境 智能变频清扫 跟毛发,灰尘SAY goodbye. Say goodbye to fur, ash and dust with Haier cleaner. 仿人工干湿两拖 深度洁净. Capable replacement for conventional human sweeping and mopping. 精密纳米抹布, 持久大水箱,自动渗水,干抹湿拖, 一气呵成. Nano technology mopping cloth with high absorption rate. Hugh water tank cater for large area mopping. 抹布魔术贴 魔术贴设计,便捷抹布拆卸清洗. Magic adhesion for mopping cloth and cleaner. 自动渗水 3个均匀渗水孔 均匀给抹布供水. Auto water dispense, three dispensing holes, equal supply of water to cloth. 大水箱真湿拖. Water tank for wet and dry cleaning. 大容量水箱. Super big water tank. 减少循环加水. Reduce recycle use of water. 不乱跑 不乱撞. Fall and knock protection. 真高效 不漏扫. High efficiency misses no spot. 7.8CM 薄, 才能更自由. 7.8 cm super slim design for extra flexibility during cleaning. 自由进入床底、桌椅、橱柜,适合市面95%家具高度,让灰尘毛发无处藏身. Easy access under bed, table and chairs, cardboard, fits 95% of furnitures’ height, no hiding for dirt, dust and hair. 清扫死角柜子底 、 轻松搞定沙发底、自由出入床底. Smart AI for dead end corner cleaning, easy in-out for cleaning underneath sofa and bed. 四种特色体验, 为全屋清扫而生, 无线吸尘器 吸口切换 澎湃吸力 一体化设计. 4 unique experiences combine in one ultimate cleaner, handheld wireless vacuum, various type of suction vacuum head, strong suction power, all in one cleaner. 体验源于无线 随走随吸,随心所欲,不让有线的生活,束缚无限的可能. Experience cleaning with smart wireless technology, do not be tied up when you can enjoy movement freedom. 吸口/毛刷 随心切换, 零售,碎屑,毛发, 一点不落;沙发,窗帘,床褥,不在话下. Simple exchangeable head for brushes and suction inlet. 澎湃吸力. Super strong suction. 一键除尘, 强劲电机,带来澎湃离心力,顽固污渍,深度清洁. High power cleaner for perfect cleaning function. 多种清扫. More operation mads. 高效无遗漏. Fast processing to ensure thorough cleaning. 多种清扫模式结合,清洁无死角,高效无遗漏. Fast processing to ensure thorough cleaning. 规划清扫. Smart mapping for autopilot cleaning. 清扫不遗漏不重复 效率高. High efficient route planning for cleaning. 重点清扫 感应灰尘垃圾较多地方 并重点清扫. Self-detection of dirty spot with extra spot cleaning dedication. 延边清扫 靠墙打扫,不留死角 边角都能清扫到. Wall edges cleaning function, with all corners covered. 预约清扫 7天设定工作时间, 你的生活你说了算. Pre-setting for 7 days in advance cleaning. 防撞防跌 Fall and knock protection 复杂环境 “看得见”. Sees complicated environment. 前驱感应系统能准确感应障碍物,灵敏转向,不碰撞家具. All round sensor to prevent knocking and banging of obstacles. 下视传感 智能跌落. Underside sensor prevents falling off. 红外电子感应眼,有效避免跌落损伤. Infra-red sensor prevents falling for steps or higher ground surface. 身手不凡 自主脱困 可轻松爬约15MM障碍和跨过约25度左右坡度. Able to climb above 15mm obstacle or 25deg altitude. 自动回充. Self-return to charging base. 当电量即将耗尽或清扫任务完成时,自动返回充电座补充电量. Auto return to charging base for recharge when battery runs low, and resume cleaning after charging. 静音轻薄. Silent, light and slim. 温柔不打扰. Gentle & quiet. 人性化静音马达设计. Smart AI technology design, ultra-quiet motor keep noise under 20db. 紫外线杀菌灯,有效杀灭地毯、地板上的尘螨、细菌. UV lights effectively eliminates dust mites and bacterial on carpet and floor. 清洁家居不吵闹. suitable for use even when one is sleeping; you might not even notice it during its operation. 一键控制 得心应手. One switch operation one flip of the switch is all you need to do for automatic and worry free cleanliness. 轻轻一按 马上开始清扫. Starts at the push of a button. 大容量电池 持久续航 . High capacity battery. Lasting continuous operation. 2600mAh电池. 2600 mAh. Environmental friendly battery. 有效清扫面积可达120 . Cleans up to effortlessly. 一般家庭都可满足. One cleaner for all types of home cleaning purposes. 海尔扫地机器人,更久使用, 更长保修. Haier sweeping robot cleaner reliable, longer warranty. one year warranty. 海乐扫地机器人豪华版参数 产品型号: J3000Plus. Product model: J3000plus. 吸力: 1200pa. Suction: 1200pa. 打扫面积: 约200 . Cleaner area: 200 . 转速(r/min) 18000. Speed: (r/min) 18000. 净重: 3200g. Weight: 3200g. 遥控距离: 5m. Remote control range: 5m. 功率: 25W. Power consumption: 25W. 电压: 14.4V. Voltage: 14.4V. 电池容量: 2600 mAh. Battery capacity: li-ion 2600 mAh. Haier 扫地机器人时尚礼盒包装包括/ Haier Comes in elegant gift box: 灰尘盒. Dust box 座充 charging dock 纤维抹布 micro fibre mopping cloth. 水箱water tank. 清理刷 cleaning brush 说明书 user manual 遥控器 remote control 充电器 power cables 防缠绕边刷. Anti-winding side brush

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