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SAILAJAH HAIR SERUM, MUST TRY FOR HEALTHY HAIR!!!! GOOD REVIEW FROM ALL CUSTOMER! ❤Best Selling, Sailajah Anti Hairfall SERUM and SHAMPOO ❤ *SERUM TRAIL (120ML) @ SGD20* *SHAMPOO (275ML) @ SGD25* *PROMOTION SERUM (120ML) + SHAMPOO (275ML) @ SGD40* 👉BENEFITS: 🔹Reduces hairfall 🔹Ensures faster hair growth 🔹Controls & cures dandruff 🔹Prevent split-ends 🔹 Reduce premature graying hair 🔹Keeps scalp naturally cool 🔹Maintains natural colour of the hair 🔹Makes hair shiny, silk soft & tangle-free ---------------- 👉REMARKS : 🔹Free shipping within Malaysia 🔹Q : Can we use hair serum daily??? A : Yes for Dry and rough hair, Hair serum is good. Even people who are having normal hair also can use hair serum. You can apply hair serum on wet hair but make sure it shouldn't be too much wet. For sure this Sailajah Hairfall control Serum has been tested for daily use. 💁🏻1 bottle (120ml) can last for almost 2 months, it's depend on usage. Why waiting,,, love your hair start from now. we are here to give you the best. Please WHATSAPP to 93906380 for the price. 🙏🏻THANK YOU FOR UR SUPPORT🙏🏻

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