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No Trade. No Bargain. No Discount. No Meet At Other Places Except Below Stated. ✔New. The sizes stated is the actual portion of the bag that can use to put stuff. Can put small accessories or items. Use this to prevent friction & scratches & anti-shock. ✔PRICE (For 10 Pieces) •8.8cmx14.8cm - $4.50 For 10 Pcs •10.2cmx14.8cm - $5.00 For 10 Pcs ----------------------------------------- ✔Price Stated : For 10 Pieces Of Each Size ✔Meetup : Pinnacle, Cantonment Road Bus-Stop. Weekdays 6.30pm-9.30pm. Saturdays & Sunday mornings. ✔Normal Mail : $1.70 Onwards

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Blk 1F Pinnacle@Duxton, Singapore

No Trade. No Negotiation. Meet At The Bus Stop.

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Buyer Pays Postage.