Proving Chemistry Tuition! (A Levels, IB And O Levels)


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Hello there, nice to meet you! I am looking to provide H2 Chemistry and Pure Chemistry tuition. Before I begin, let me give a brief introduction on myself. I graduated from ACS in 2013 with 5A1s (Pure chemistry, pure physics, additional mathematics, mathematics and pure geography) and from ACJC with 5 distinctions. (H2 Chemistry, physics, mathematics, Geography and Project work). Chemistry has always been my niche and I always scored A for any chemistry test/worksheet/exam. For examinations, my chemistry percentile is always above 95% and I was in ACJC's Honours Roll for the entire of Year 2. I spent the past year painstakingly writing, sourcing and summarizing notes from the Top JCs in Singapore. In addition to that, I also created my very own worksheets, practices and test to ensure you have a complete understanding of each topic. Alternatively, if you want me to go through a specific topic with you just drop me a pm. Topics in H2 Chemistry: 1. Stoichiometry and Miles 2. Redox 3. Atomic structure 4. Ideal gases 5. Chemical bonding 6. Chemical Energetics 7. Reaction kinetics 8. Chemical equilibrium 9. Ionic equilibrium 10. Solubility equilibrium 11. Introduction to organic chemistry 12. Alkanes 13. Alkenes 14. Arenes 15. Halogens Derivatives 16. Hydroxy compounds 17. Carbonyl compounds 18. Carboxylic acids and its derivatives 19. Amines and Amide 20. Amino Acid 21. Physical periodicity 22. Chemical periodicity 23. Group II 24. Group IV 25. Transition elements I am also providing 24/7 service to my students. If you require answer to any of your question, feel free to WA me, even if it's 2 am and I'm awake. I'll still reply:) Feel free to PM me if there's any queries and doubt, I'll be happy to answer your question! Tags: H2 chemistry, chemistry, tuition, PCME, JC help, teacher.