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Our latest creations feature shelves made of palletwood hanging from knotted cotton ropes, macrame style! We reclaimed these wooden pieces from palletwood, cut them into smaller pieces, sand and rounded the edges by hand and then coated them with a waterproof coating. Finally we knotted the cotton ropes and turned them into hanging shelves for your potted plants, decor pieces or anything that fits the shelves! Macrame hanging shelf measures approx 59cmL, palletwood piece 12cm x 12cm Only one unique piece available! Tags: indoor plants, indoor gardening, hanging garden, vertical garden, hanging shelf, upcycled palletwood, indoor furniture, home decor

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Daily meetups @ Pasir Ris/Tamp, certain weekends @ Ang Mo Kio, other locations may be discussed

Mailing or Delivery

Delivery fees differs from location to location, do pm us for more details on minimum purchase/ delivery cost!