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!PSA- Bad Carousellers (substandard, MIA, pullout)


7 months ago by shhhsean




//USERS LIST// 1) @herhim130716 Report reason : MIA Contact : 90891787 Gender : Male Age : Address : Sengkang Dated : Sunday, July 16 2017 Deal time : 6pm - 6:30pm++ (my end, late at 645pm with update) Deal loc : Ang Mo Kio MRT Full desc incident : Buyer was "on the way in train" to deal loc. I updated 2 times that I may be slightly late. He noted for 1 time, then on the second time, requested for change of date (while I was approaching deal location). Updated again that I had arrived. No response. Waited 15 mins as per bio TnC. No response. Gave another text to buyer and have several rings, waited another 15 mins, no response. Left deal location at 7:23pm. Messaged said buyer if he was dealing, finally received reply of "no". Asked if like to reschedule, or if not, a reason for MIA. No response. 2) @djcing Report reason : MIA/False deal ("Phone died") Contact : 91740536 Gender : Female Age : Address : Bedok Dated : Thursday, 20th July 2017 Deal time : 7pm (notified her of 5 delay, acknowledged) Deal loc : Cityhall MRT Full desc incident : Buyer went MIA after I had reached the deal location. She had "reached" early, at 6:55pm, and messaged that she was at "here" waiting. Note the absence of detailed location. Even attempted to bargain post-offer. I arrived at station, texted buyer with no response. Tried Sms with no return, and tried calling repeatedly in 5 min intervals, however buyer had shut off mobile phone with Singtel busy user voicemail. Waited full 30 minutes. Left deal location at 7:35pm. Suspected false deal/troll attempt as user has not responded to deal cancellation message. Edit : Was told later that phone had died. Deal with caution, but should be ok. 3) @jixt_ Report reason : Deal Pullout after acceptance (go for higher offer) Contact : - Gender : Male Age : 16 Address : Tanjong Pagar Dated : Friday, 13th Oct 2017 Deal time : Stipulated 14th Oct Deal loc : Raffles MRT Full desc incident : As above, really. Agreed upon deal, settled on time and location. Goes to abandon my deal the next day in favour of some higher offer. Not cool. 4) @girly000/jon000 Report reason : MIA/False deal/Ghost buyer Contact : 98201205 Gender : Male Age : - Address : - Dated : Thursday, 18th Oct 2017 Deal time : Stipulated 19th Oct Deal loc : Ang Mo Kio MRT Full desc incident : Enthusiastic about deal, but dies off after acceptance of offer, what a joke. Failed to respond to several prompt messages leading up to the deal, and failed to provide a hp to call to. Note to all, caution when dealing with negative-rated users or unverified ones. We all give new users chances but sometimes it goes to the shitter. Replied a full 4 hours later with "sorry phone died", how convinient. Update : Responds to my feedback with lying that I called him and scared his kids? Then proceeds to defend himself as if the world is ending lol. Yes, like obviously a college student will take the time to call up kids and harass them. What an Ulti-troll user. Asks him to reveal my number, and he can't - because I didn't call him. What a fail.. = = = This listing will be reserved for disclosure of information regarding Carousell users who fail to stick to deal conditions or go MIA. I reserve the rights to supply FULL disclosure of all personal information available on hand will be shown/given per each user, as this is meant to serve as a precaution/warning for other Carousellers pertaining to a deal. I reserve all right to publish, modify or remove such. All details are perceived to be correct and all description is based on my experience only. If you wish for your information to be withheld, PM me personally on this listing. I will go over and may remove such. Pleading comments will NOT be regarded. Further flaming or arguements in both PM or comments section with no backing or proof will result in a report to Carousell. - Yes, you may resolve any pertaining issue, just PM me. I'm usually nice, trust me 😂 - "Can I rearrange another meetup, please?" Sure! I hold no grudges. However, if you mess up again, I have no words. Not : guitar carousell deal mia appliances kitchen tools electrionics phone stove gas cooker discount present cheap product ladder tank sofa couch tv television computer laptop bike bicycle car cable house hdb shoes nike adidas cap pan hotel travel trip

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