PUPA Breast Enhancer Cream 4 Week Rapid Action 75ml ( Enhancing )


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FIRMER AND MORE TONED SKIN FROM THE FIRST APPLICATION With successive applications, the breasts become wrapped in a soft and comfortable film that visibly improves their appearance due to a precious protein, which is extracted from Soya beans, known for it’s immediate tightening effect. PROGRESSIVE FIRMING ACTION An exclusive blend of natural active principles improves the quality of the tissues that sustain the skin. Vit-a-like: stimulates the synthesis of Collagen. Bio-soy complex: highly concentrated to stimulate cell vitality. The skin tissues will become progressively firmer and more toned, skin will appear smoother, more relaxed and more compact. SKIN ELASTICITY IS REINFORCED To reinforce the change in skin volume as much as possible and to ensure soft, elastic and perfectly protected skin, the combined action of Vitamin E – anti-free radical and protective – and Vitamin F – fortifies the barrier effect. APPLICATION Apply with a gentle circular massage from the base of the breasts, moving upwards and avoiding the nipples. We recommend daily application, morning and evening, for at least 4 weeks. Then apply once a day to maintain the results obtained. Fast-absorbing fluid cream. RESULT From the first applications the skin looks and feels smoother, more compact and more elastic. With continuous use of the cosmetic treatment for 4 weeks, the breasts may acquire a new volume and a rounder, fuller and more harmonious look. The skin’s tissues will be progressively firmer and more toned. - Intensive Cosmetic Treatment - Time To Skin Technology with Volufiline Patent Pending