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Purnell's History of the Second World War Volume 6 by Barrie Pitt


6 months ago by kelkris030303








This book is actually a monthly published reference book back in the 1980s. You need to collect the whole volume and bind them up (8 copies to a major volume in 3 major volumes) to create an entire library addressing the subject of the Second World War. The facts and details contained in this book is quite heavy (see my photos) so if you are looking for an easy going read, this is not the book for you. Its target audience are for those concerned with depth, facts, details & analysis and not specs of war machinery, fancy photos, etc. Having understood and accepted this point, this read is narrated in a way that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Yet this book is quite unlike the usual paperbacks you find today on war history books in the sense that it is not just pure words. It is heavy in words but also contain a generous amount of rare and old photographs in both black and white and colour, including maps and graphs to support its narration. Amongst other topics of interest, this issue covers Barbarossa campaign in great detail from the build up, the successes of the German advances to the time when scales begin to tip in Russia's favour. A very good and insightful read from this vintage gem of a book. If I could go back time, I will not hesitate to get the entire collection judging from the quality of writing, depth and illustrations. Too bad they don't have such books nowadays. Overall Book Condition: 7/10. Soft cover in clean, dust free condition. Minor crease on front and back cover and wear is evident at the spine. Pages are in average to good condition in that it has turn slightly yellowish due to age. Other than that there are no major creasing, tear, missing page,scribbling, writing and stains. Lastly, do note that I will not be entertaining refunds/exchanges once item is bought. Item sold "as is" based on: 1. Photos attached 2. Listing's term & condition 3. Question & answer via Carousell's chat function 4. Physical check during meet up Use these avenues for clarification before confirming your purchase after which there will be no recourse for any issues the buyer were to discover after the sale. Thank you.

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