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Python Programming Crash Course in 10 Sessions



(Python is the most user-friendly, simplest and easiest programming to kickstart your coding learning journey. It is also an Object-Oriented Programming language that you can gain a good practice of creating your own objects in coding.) In the span of 10 sessions with each session lasting 2 hours, you will be learning Python Programming from scratch. With in-class mini-activities, after-class small assignment and online Q&A troubleshooting, I will guide you through this entire journey, give you my advice based on my experience working in a music AI company as AI engineer and backend developer as well as various school and competition projects, teach you not just how to code, but how to learn coding by yourself using all the useful online resources. This Python Programming course series will definitely be a great platform for you to embrace the world of programming, set up the foundation and good practice for learning other languages in the future and gain a sense of achievement from the magic your code will do for you. The series will be split into 10 sessions. Each session lasts 2 hours. There will be mini activities during the session and a small amount of assignment after the session. In the end, you will have your completed project as final deliverable to end this series, depending on the package you choose. The followings are the packages I currently offer to teach: ⭐️[DEFAULT] Basic Python Programming Training Package (5 sessions) -- if you are a total beginner, this package will teach you from scratch. It covers basic syntax, operators, data types, import, function, if-else, for loop, while loop, class. -- deliverables: quiz system, number guessing game, the mini finite state machine 1️⃣[OPTIONAL] Python Flask Micro-framework to build your first website (5 sessions) -- prerequisite: Basic Python Programming Training -- This package teaches you how to use the Python Flask library to create a light-weighted website based on micro-framework. You will also be learning the basics of HTML and bootstrap CSS to build the template of your website. You will also be learning how to host your website on Heroku free platform. -- deliverables: a functional dynamic website hosted on Heroku 2️⃣[OPTIONAL] Build your own Telegram bot using Python and connect to Firebase (5 sessions) -- prerequisite: Basic Python Programming Training -- This package teaches you how to use the Python Telegram bot API to create your own Telegram bot. You will be learning how to add command handlers to allow the bot to perform certain actions, how to set the bot to reply a user in text, image, sticker, document, how to connect the bot to Google Firebase to store user data, how to use nltk and chatter-bot library to make the bot become a simple chat bot that will auto-reply user's message. -- deliverables: a functional Telegram bot with backend database in Google Firebase 3️⃣[OPTIONAL] Build your first Artificial Neural Network using Pandas, Keras (5 sessions) -- prerequisite: Basic Python Programming Training -- This package teaches you the basic knowledge about Machine Learning, how does machine "learn" and predict, how we use Pandas library to pre-processing our data, how we use Keras library to construct neural network layers, how we use Scikit-learn library to analyse our data and further improve our ANN's performance. -- deliverables: a functional Artificial Neural Network program that is able to predict the pattern of entry and exit of a bank's customers. 4️⃣[OPTIONAL] Build your first IoT device with Raspberry Pi and connect it to Google Firestore (5 sessions) -- prerequisite: Basic Python Programming Training -- This package teaches you how to use Python in RPi to connect your software to hardware. You will be doing very interesting mini-projects in which your code will control your hardware performance, such as controlling LED lights, rotating a servo, and doing all kinds of creative things! More importantly, you will connect your software to the cloud Google Firestore, in which you can remotely control your hardware using either a simple website interface or a simple phone application. -- There will be some Python Flask skills and HTML taught in order to build the website interface -- If students want to build a simple application, some knowledge of Java or Unity3D will be taught as well. -- It is recommended to procure a Raspberry Pi 3/B before this package starts. However, the tutor will bring one RPi for demonstration and students can borrow the RPi if it is still available. -- deliverables: an innovative student-initiated IoT-based project that uses RPi as the bridge of communication between the software and the hardware, allowing remote control using phone app or website. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️SUMMARY⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1️⃣ Choose 1 x DEFAULT + 1 x OPTIONAL to make up to 10 sessions of lesson time 2️⃣ It is recommended to go through the entire 10 sessions to consolidate your skills with deliverables 3️⃣ Pricing information: -- S$45/hour -- 1 session is 2 hours -- 10 sessions in total -- payment can be done at one go or session by session 4️⃣ Tutor information: -- studying at Singapore University Technology and Design -- major in Information System Technology and Design (Computer Science), minor in Artificial Intelligence -- experience in working in AI music company Musiio as AI developer and backend developer, building backend database and performing data mining. -- won 2nd Prize in the JunctionX Hackthon 2019 with AR Mobile Game built by Unity3D -- as current IEEE SUTD Student Branch president, built an inventory loaning system website for the members, conducted numerous programming workshops to teach fellow students. -- more info and portfolio can be found in my LinkedIn profile: <> -- contact: +6593508615 | WeChat: @xmliszt2012 | WhatsApp: +6593508615 | E-mail: 5️⃣ Time & Location: -- Available time please refered to below -- Location preferred North-East side of Singapore as I'm living at Upper Changi. But any location is negotiable.

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2019 Oct

Very good tutor with clear step by step explanation for those with zero knowledge and beginning to learn python. Thanks for the drink at the start of lesson.👍😁