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- Qiyi CFOP Algorithms cards (42 F2L 57 OLL 21 PLL) for sale - Brand New !


6 months ago by bobcubes








- Qiyi CFOP Algorithms cards (42 F2L 57 OLL 21 PLL) for sale - Brand New ! - Qiyi CFOP Algorithms cards (42 F2L 57 OLL 21 PLL) for solving Rubiks Cube for sale in Singapore ! Set of 3 cards consisting of 42 F2L, 57 OLL, 21 PLL. Size 12.2 cm x 8.2 cm Very handy to carry them around. Get yours today for yourself or for your friends. __ Note: ALL ADS in Singapore “best-free-ad”, “top free ads” sites are NOT posted by me but by a saboteur who has taken all my ad photos, text description, contents, phone number & sabotage me by putting nonsensical prices - As there is a limitation for text to list down all the cubes & cubes related stuffs from 70 manufacturers & to show ALL the cubes photos - For price or other enquiries for any cubes or cubes related items or if you or any 1 you know are interested in How to Solve Cubes Tutorial Lessons, pls whatsapp +65 9004 0987 - + Do NOT message me in the ads nor PM me + - You can scroll through my ads at - Collection Lakeside only - + NO advanced / pre-payment nor deposit is required. Payment ONLY upon collection - + Beware of sellers who ask you for advanced payment & collect your cubes later !! - Pls add Facebook Bob Cubes to see more interesting latest cubes news, latest cubes photos, customers photos from 33 countries & orders, etc - Warning Notice : Further to my earlier posts about scammers, here’s an update / summary : 1) It has come to my attention (again) that there is a boy who goes by the name of “Darren” pretending to by my “son” & “delivering cubes for me” & selling at very cheap price. 2) There is also a fake seller going around by the name of “Stan” / “ZK (Zeng Kit)” He has taken my advertisements from GUMTREE and other sites etc… copied the content, text and even the photos - posted exactly the same ad as mine - but changing his contact number to his mobile. He is a 14 years old boy (I will withhold his real name & school) - trying to pretend to sell cubes at a very cheap price (when he has NO cubes to sell) & collecting a deposit because “his stocks would come in next week” - His ads had been removed 3) Another by the name of “Jacky” - who will ask for advance payment via bank transfer but doesn’t deliver the cubes 4) A couple of them will impersonate to be my “partner”, “sales staff”, “colleague” etc… 5) These are some of the mobile numbers you have to be wary of : 9370 xxxx 9740 xxxx 9612 xxxx 9777 xxxx 8176 xxxx 9725 xxxx 9115 xxxx 6) In the event that a “seller” whatsapp you, or Facebook private message you or contact you in any form & claim he is my “son”, “partner”, “sales staff”, “colleague” “my sales representative” etc.. be it selling cheap cubes, or trying to collect advance payment - please notify me IMMEDIATELY by call or whatsapp +65 9004 0987 7) Please note I am NOT related nor associated with these scammers and would NOT be responsible for any orders / payment placed to them - be it money that you have paid nor the cube quality. 8) All your cubes enquiries & order should come DIRECTLY to me. ALL my cubes are assembled, checked, tensioned, lubricated before passing to customers (unless customer request for stock factory condition). NO prepayment nor deposit is required. Payment upon collection unless agreed otherwise in special cases. 9) I will not authorize anybody to quote, deliver nor sell cubes on my behalf UNLESS its been pre-arranged with the customer. If you have such encounters or are in doubt, please whatsapp me at +65 9004 0987


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