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Quick Start Kunaki: How to Turn Your Digital Dust Into Physical Gold In a Matter of Minutes! eBook


1 year ago by valuegoodies








Why Bother With Physical Products? If you're just getting started online it's easy to think that Internet Marketing is all about selling ebooks. And it's not hard to imagine why almost everyone thinks this either! Ebooks are cheap to distribute, easy to duplicate, and come complete with massive profit margins guaranteed to make your eyes water. How many other marketplaces are there where you can produce an unlimited numbers of your product at no extra cost? Or where you can produce a product for cents and sell for $47, $97, or more? Or where you deliver your product instantly to your customers within seconds of payment and even while you're asleep? Digital products are quick to create and easy to distribute so no wonder almost everyone starts their information publishing career by selling products in this format. If you want to make money by selling info products online then it's not hard to see that selling ebooks has some pretty huge advantages. However, while selling ebooks should probably be a part of every marketers marketing funnel, there's another type of product that you can sell that has most of the advantages of selling ebooks....and then a few cherries on top too! I'm talking about a type of product where you can sell the same information for a much higher price than an ebook, and still leave your customers raving. I'm talking about a type of product that will help you stand out from the crowded ebook marketplace, and help you develop a powerful unique selling proposition that will allow you to stand head and shoulders above your competition in most info markets. I am of course talking about selling physical products! Now if you're anything like I was just a few short months ago then the thought of selling physical products is probably sending a shudder down your spine. It sounds complicated doesn't it? It sounds like it's only something 'advanced' marketers could do? Wrong! You see, selling physical products can be just as easy as selling digital ones....if you know what you're doing of course. In this special report I'm going to show you how anyone can turn their digital products into high value physical one hour or less!

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It's quick and easy in only 2 steps! Step 1: Pay by DBS PayLah! or Pay by DBS PayNow or Online Transfer to POSB Savings 228-08311-9 or ATM Transfer to POSB Savings 228-08311-9 Step 2: Message me the proof of payment. Send me your email address. I will email you the eBook right away! Price listed is in Singapore Dollars (SGD) 30 Day Money Back Guarantee From Date of eBook Delivery (If you purchase SGD$30 worth of eBooks, you may email me for a discount.)

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