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//EDIT (15/10/2017): please take a look at my most recent stationary grabbag listing!!! Thank you for your time💓// GUYS SO AS YOU CAN SEE I'M A TERRIBLE MONEY SPENDING MONSTER THAT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED😭 (the picture is only ONE THIRD of what I'm planning to sell, and is only for your reference) When I see cute stationary, I BUY, and most of the items I have at home are almost completely new, some of them have not even been removed from its packaging. 😩 ALL these items are either from typo, paperstone, OR cute expensive Japanese branded stationary shops. 😍💙 Since my cupboard is about to collapse, I'll be selling stationary grab bags!!! P.S: THE PICTURE IS MINE P.S.S: I know this message is long, but please read the WHOLE thing :) There will be small grab bags, which will cost you between $7-$20 and the big grab bags, which will cost $25-45.💁 I ASSURE YOU, THIS IS VERY WORTH THE BUY. 🌸The Small Grab Bag May Contain : [$7-20, qyop and I will pack accordingly!!] *all with designs - a small cute memopad - A5 notebook - 5 - 20 pens/ highlighters - BRANDED MARKERS - sharpener/ eraser - stickers - decorative tape/ paperclips - minimalistic pencil case - one exclusive item (if lucky!!) 🌸The Big Bag May Contain : [$25-45, qyop and I will pack accordingly!!] - a multi pocket file/ stylish folder - one of the large notebooks/notepad - MORE STICKERS - pens, pens, and more pens *highlighters & markers & pencils included - BRANDED PENCIL CASE - one extra notebook - bookmark/decorative tape - washi tape/keychain - sticky notes -binder clips < Choose a Theme > 💜 cute 💛 tumblr 💚 practical ✨please be nice when you ctb! ✨ take note that i will pack the grabbgas according to the price you quoted, please do not expect like 12 stationaries for a $7 grabbag ✨if you're a kpop fan, please let me know! I can throw in a few lomos 😁 ✨feel free to tell me your preferences (e.g. what colour you like, what kind of stationary you would prefer to receive etc) HOWEVER, this please to demand that you get the exact thing you want for every stationary because then it won't be a surprise anymore :( As I said earlier, this is REALLY worth the buy, as one of the Paperstone Notebooks/Scrapbooks would have already cost at least $15, and the pencil case will cost at least $20. All the stationary are in GOOD condition, even if they are not 100% new. (should have at least 75% of ink left!) Some grab bags may contain EXCLUSIVE items, depends on your luck! However, as each grab bag (packed with love) is RANDOMLY packed, please do not expect to get a certain item that you have "chosen". The list above is just for you to know what to expect to receive. Also please don't ask for a picture of YOUR grab bag in advance, because it's supposed to be a surprise!! Hehe😌 Thank you !!! 🌹

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anywhere between promenade to peyar lebar!!! other locations are negotiable :)

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normal mail - $1.50 registered mail - $3.50